Understanding the Heartbreak


An Open Letter to My Exes is a dive into my personal life to provoke thought and understanding to the individuals of my past and for its readers. For both to comprehend that everything in life is connected to our personal journey’s thus making us better or worse beings for this life and possibly the next.

I give readers an interpersonal experience by being truthful and vulnerable to my own mistakes and explaining how things in my life would become either destructive or blissful by either passing Life’s Test or failing.  

– A Message from the Author

  • The Fourth Letter

    August 31, 2019 by

    As you’re already aware my first draft has been completed. I quickly began the editing process and writing my 2nd draft not long afterward. The first three letters have been very smooth with one of them almost bringing me to Happy Tears. Now I’m at the Fourth Letter and it just brings me so much… Read more

  • Me VS. Brittany Renner

    August 10, 2019 by

    With my First Draft being complete I have felt more comfortable accepting meetings to discuss what my book is actually about. Twice in my discussions has my book been compared to Brittany Renner’s book “Judge This Cover”. For those that do not know who Brittany Renner is, she is a women who gained popularity on Instagram… Read more

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